A New Level of Luxury

Rose 1845 by Lazarus

Nourishment for the hair

 This shampoo concentrate is the first product in our collection.

After years of sourcing and selecting ingredients, this luxurious amber elixir was created using a unique blend of essential rose oils and botanical extracts.

Bottled in glass to preserve the purity of the natural ingredients.

Intoxicating and provocative

by Lazarus

To Lazarus, the world is a garden in perennial bloom. A world rich with fragrance—of rose blossoms so lush you want to cup them in your hands and inhale, with the saturated earthiness of cypress and frankincense, the sunny charm of orange blossom, the lingering memory of jasmine.

The foundation of the 1845 Collection is fragrance—the whisper of something special and luxurious—combined with the finest essential oils sourced from all over Europe. Lazarus has spent years making women beautiful. With the launch of 1845 by Lazarus, women will discover a new level of luxury for the hair and body.

Nature is his laboratory, where every 1845 product begins life.

Roses and passion

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